Monday, January 26, 2015

Northeast Blizzard "Juno" 2015

I don't live in the Northeast. But, I know people who do. And, those people have my thoughts right now.

The Northeast is preparing for "Juno", the blizzard named by The Weather Channel that looks to dump 3 feet of snow on New York, New Jersey, and several other northeastern states. If you live in these areas, and you are not a preparedness type, I implore you to change your battle plan.

Now, I realize that most "preppers" are looked at as ammo and gun hoarding, bus burying freaks who carry guns into the local Denny's. But, not everyone who practices disaster preparedness is like that. In fact, in my experience the ones who are like that are the rarities.

But, I'm going to show you why I practice food storage (called a pantry when in my grandparents' day) and disaster preparedness. I come from the NORTH, I know what this shit is like. I still practice this living in the South, but for different disasters.
Bread, milk and water flew off the shelves this weekend as New Yorkers prepared for the

 If I didn't have food storage, I'd be staring at that empty bread shelf about now saying, "WTF am I going to feed my kids?!". I don't know about you, but I don't want to be put into that situation. Yes, these disasters aren't "OMGArmageddon!". But, when you've got no power and no way to get around in 3 feet of snow and are told by the authorities to stay put, what the hell are going to do when and if you run out of food?!

I store everything I would need to make bread. To make bread on my grill, with no power. How many people do you suppose do that? Not many by the looks of that bread aisle. Crikey.
Shelves stocked to 100 at shoprite .

The meat aisle doesn't seem to be looking any better than the bread aisle. I have a fully stocked freezer. Yes, if I run out of power, my freezer is going to need attention. But, at least I'm not going to starve. And, I'm also not going to decimate a meat counter at the grocery store hours before a blizzard either. In fact, I won't even need to hit the grocery store before one.

This is the line at a CT grocery store before today's “potentially historic” blizzard:

 This is one of the reasons that I don't want to "have" to hit up a grocery store hours before a big storm of any kind. I don't care if it's only going to dust me, and snow storms where I live are only a dusting but you should see how the people react. I don't want to be hitting a grocery store less than 72 hours away from a big storm of any kind. You don't want to need something and have to stand through this.

Another photo of the lines. No way. That's almost like Black Friday.

More panic shopping. This is why I do what I do. There's no reason to live like that.

Whenever this happens, we see pictures like this. And, I always ask myself just how many times a person would have to go through this before they would change their strategies. A lot, apparently. Because this happens up there a lot and......we still see these photos.

We have a saying in my family. It started with my grandparents and actually, I think it's even older than that. My oldest grandmother died last October, she was almost 101. They used to tell us, "Snow means you stock up." But, they weren't talking about shopping the day the storm was to hit. They meant stocking up when you hear the front is coming.

I've had some weird looks where I live because I still do the things taught by my grandparents. I stock up at least 72 hours before the front gets to me. I sure wish other people did that. You would fight less at the grocery store.

Whatever your circumstances, if you are up in the Northeast, hunker down, stay warm and be safe.

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